This is a unique collection of wallpaper designs by John Rawsterne.

John Rawsterne is a freelance wallpaper artist and illustrator based near Manchester in the North West of England. He specialises in Retro Wallpapers as well as a range of contemporary wallpapers.

All of the wallcoverings can be bought in roll form or they can also be printed onto the digimura digital wallpaper.

This unique wallcovering is perfect for short run digital designs for retail environments, exhibition spaces and corporate entertainment venues.

Digimura is a revolution in digital wallcoverings that will change the way you think about wall papering commercial or public spaces with digital artworks.

This unique digital wallpaper product is a commercial wide-width fabric backed vinyl wallcovering printing base that has been specifically developed for digital printing by Muraspec, Europe's leading wallcovering manufacturer.

As well as the Digimura Digital Wallcovering, we can also print any of the images on our own wallpaper. This wallpaper is the same as any other that you can buy from your local hardware store.

As well as these wallpaper colourways, we can also recolour any of these pattern repeats to suit your specific colour scheme.

John can also work on Bespoke wallpaper design ideas. He will take your idea for a design and make it into a Bespoke Wallpaper that you will never see anywhere else.

If you would like more information on any of our digital wallpapers, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or even by phone.

All Wallpaper Designs are Owned by John Rawsterne

More about Digimura Digital Wallpaper

"Let your mind go, and Digimura will follow"... as a fabric-backed digital wallcovering with an approved fire-rating even when printed, Digimura is set to revolutionise the marketplace when it comes to dressing public and commercial spaces.

The possibilities are endless for digital wallpaper. The opportunities are literally around every corner, and the creative potential will tempt the imaginations of architects, interior designers, marketing and brand professionals. From cafes, bars and restaurants to high-street retail stores, hotels, hospitals, large corporations and museums … the market and creative possibilities with Digimura Digital Wallpaper are as wide as they are varied.

Digital Digimura Wallpaper, Bespoke Wallcoverings and Bespoke Wallpaper Design by John Rawsterne

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John Rawsterne John Rawsterne John Rawsterne
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John Rawsterne John Rawsterne John Rawsterne John Rawsterne John Rawsterne
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Digimura commercially Speaking

Digimura Digital Wallcovering, is being introduced to a diverse range of discerning professionals working with public and commercial spaces, and as an example of just where Digimura can be used to great effect, we have listed a below just a few of the environments that Digimura would be absolutely perfect for:

  1. corporate branding
  2. private boxes at sports stadia
  3. company reception halls
  4. interior promotional walls
  5. cinema and theatre foyers
  6. promotional panels in retail outlets
  7. exhibition walls for trade shows
  8. cafes and restaurants
  9. hospital/doctor's waiting rooms
  10. creches, nursery schools
  11. sports club reception halls
  12. museum and gallery foyers
  13. car showrooms and sales' centers
  14. reception areas in health clubs, clinic