Custom Wallpaper and Custom Wall Murals

Custom Wallpaper and Wall Murals are becoming very appealing to all sectors of the decorative / interior design sectors. Basically, with a custom wallpaper, your image or hard copy is scanned in by Concept Coverings and we turn it into a work of art. We take care of all the repeat sizes and how the image will look when it is tiled up on the wall.

The most common custom murals that we do are of NYC skyline and more recently, Chicaco by night. The images from these two custom mural projects were sent to us and we turned them into stunning works of art.

If you would like us to contact you regarding an enquiry for a custom wallpaper or custom wall mural please fill out our contact form here.

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Wallpaper is not a new thing. Here is a short paragraph about its past :-

Wallpaper has been around for hundreds of years, and yet people claim that there has been very little advancement in wallpaper. At the surface it might seem like a remark that seems true, but the truth is far from it, wallpaper has evolved from the really old looking red and white stripe paper, to a work of art that can adorn your home, or your work place. There are more or less no limits to the colours, variations and styles you can choose from, the best part is, contrary to popular belief wallpaper has evolved and changed as time has gone by, and they are no longer just another thing you put on your walls.

Just like art and fashion has evolved, so have the various styles of wallpaper, earlier wallpaper was made to resemble the various tapestry styles, as fashion style and taste of people evolved, the wall papers became more and more diverse. Just like clothing, technology and so many other things today, wallpaper has now come to reflect the taste and moods of a home owner. With the numerous advances in technology, the method of printing wallpaper too has advanced, earlier massive offset printers, or block printers were used to manufacture wallpaper, where as today more and more people are turning to digitally printed wallpaper for their homes.

Today wallpaper is classified based on the commercial application, and is divided into two categories commercial and home use wallpaper