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Concept Coverings was launched in January 2006 and is situated in Darwen, Lancashire the original home of printed wallpapers.  Concept Coverings are proud to continue the long standing tradition of printing wallpapers here in Darwen.

Darwen has a rich history of industrial heritage and was the birth place of manufactured wallcoverings.  Traditionally printed wallpaper dates back to the mid 1840's and was produced by C. & J. G. Potter at Belgrave Mills. 

It is some 170 years since the Potter Brothers were granted a patent for the first machine-printed papers, Charles and Harold Potter started their first wallpaper printing experiments on an adapted calico printing machine at Lower Darwen.

In 1896 Belgrave Mills was rebuilt which Potters originally acquired the mill in 1840, from this date onwards, the factory continued to make history true to its traditions.

More recently Reed International acquired the company in 1965 with the company changing hands on a number of occasions.  Borden Decorative Products 1985-98 and Imperial Home Decor 1998-2003.  Each take over reflecting that vast changes that took place in the wallpaper trade during the 21st century.

It was in June 2003, that the final demise of this historic Lancashire establishment went into administration.  The sad news of the closure of the former C. & J. G. Potter factory at Belgrave Mills ended the manufacture of printing wallpaper in Darwen.